Within the process of treatment of waste from the refrigerators, we find that one of the most important phases, environmentally speaking, is the treatment of the CFCs (also HCFC and / or HCF) released in the crushing of the polyurethane that the refrigerators use as an insulator. Conventional process is based on an absorption in active carbon, which finally ends up liquefying the CFC / HCFC / HCF. At present and thanks to the Montreal Protocol, CFC / HCFC / HCF are not used anymore, but, mainly, cyclopentanes and isobutans. The percentage of these seconds compared to the first rises year by year, with 40% of the refrigerators currently arriving at the treatment plants.

Current legislation requires destruction of these isopentanes and cyclopentanes, not being the current treatment capable of eliminating them, so it is necessary to implement a process that is capable of combining the destruction / inertization of both types of compounds. For this case, and complying with the legal parameters and the Montreal Protocol, we can install an RTO plant in your recycling plant that will provide legal and economic viability to your installation.

Ingeneo can provided for this sector  thermal oxidation chamberssupplies and installs refractory materials and sleeve filters.