INGENEO can supply multiple types of refractories and advise you on the best technical-economic option for your installation. A brief summary of the types of materials to be supplied is as follows:

SHAPED MATERIALS: Aluminous, basic, special.

CONCRETE AND MORTARS: Conventional concrete, low cement concrete, insulating concrete, conventional mortars, air setting mortars.



INSULATING MATERIALS: Insulating bricks (Groups 23, 26, 28, 30, 32), blanket or ceramic fiber, ceramic fiber modules, calcium silicate plates, ceramic fiber plates, ceramic paper roll, biosoluble (blanket, plate, paper)

These materials are used in the industry of frits and glazes, sodium silicate, glass, steam generation, olive pomace drying, grape pomace drying and cereal drying and alfalfa dehydration, waste treatment and recovery, VOC treatment, recycling of fridges and funeral.