The baghouse filter is based on a classic concept of solid particle purification, it is the most used gas/solid purification element in the industry due to a simple and versatile design, which is why INGENEO designs and supplies sleeve filters taking into account each condition in order to offer a customized, and at the same time, the most profitable answer.

With this type of equipment we can filter and remove gases up to a temperature of 250ºC, for higher temperatures we will use ceramic filters, technology also available at INGENEO.

These equipments are capable of filtering high loads of solid particles resulting from numerous industrial processes such as: incineration, drying biomass, steel, ceramic glazes, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cement, silicates, mining etc.

The correct treatment of gaseous efluents is necessary to carry out such important purposes as:

  • Reduction of atmospheric emissions being able to guarantee up to <5mg / Nm3
  • By-products recovery.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs in subsequent processes.
  • Reduction of health risks for workers and environment.
  • Compliance with current environmental regulations and future extensions

These equipments are used in the industry of frits and glazes, sodium silicate, glass, steam generation, olive pomace drying, grape pomace drying and cereal drying and alfalfa dehydration, waste treatment and recovery, VOC treatment, recycling of fridges and funeral.