Our equipment can be supplied with all the necessary elements to achieve the best performance and durability of your steam installation.

  • Water treatment: The correct water treatment is an essential component for the safe and economical operation of the steam boiler and optimum steam quality. A prerequisite for good water quality is to avoid deposits, oxygen and carbonic acid, as well as increased salinization and too low pH values ​​in the boiler water. Therefore, water treatment for steam generators includes water softening, dosing of oxygen and carbonic acid binding media and partial thermal degassing by preheating the water.
  • Purge: When water evaporates, substances such as salts, silicates and dirt particles remain in the boiler water and do not pass into the steam. The boiler water in the vaporization system is concentrated continuously. This concentrated water from the boiler must be purged regularly to prevent corrosion and deposits in the vaporization system. The boiler water containing salt is also carried in the steam and must be continuously discharged into the purge tank as the first condensate. Both the purge water and the first condensate are under pressure and have a steam temperature. In the purge tank, the purge water and the first condensate relax and cool before they can be discharged to the sewer system.
  • Steam treatment: Many applications require saturated steam or pure and dry steam. This is the reason why JUMAG steam dryers minimize water entrainment in steam. With the JUMAG pressure reducing valves, the vapor pressure remains constant at a lower level. The steam filters are used to finely filter the solids contained in the steam, so that steam with high levels of purity is generated.
  • System accesories: Energy efficiency and automation are the central points of a modern steam installation. With the right installation accessories, you can adapt your installation to your needs. Accessories include low consumption and low emission burners, downstream economizers for boiler condensation technology or automations, such as automatic purge, external pressure requirements or timers with different pressure sets.
  • Jumag connect: The powerful new controls of JUMAG steam generators allow a wide range of steam generator connection options. JUMAG Connect solutions can be combined with each other as desired and adapted to existing installations. We offer the following possibilities: Connect Local (PC connection in the local network), Connect remote (PC connection in the local network and remotely connected), Connect Signal (allows to exchange signals with other devices) and Connect gate away (allows the exchange of a large number of parameters with other controls).
  • Other: We can also offer other accessories such as chimneys or diesel tanks to allow the purchase in one order and ensure the compatibility of your steam system.