”Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are those organic compounds that, at room temperature, are either in the gas state or are very volatile liquids. Formally, VOC is considered to be any organic compound that at 20ºC has a vapor pressure equal to or greater than 0.01 kPa, or equivalent volatility under the particular conditions of use ”.

These compounds can be found, in general, in any type of industry that uses solvents of any kind either or in which we simply contact a gaseous stream at temperature enough to evaporate or dissolve in that stream the organics contained in the material.

INGENEO team designs and builds Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) equipment which is a elimination or “destructive” process for VOCs, since they transform these VOCs into inert substances.

Ingeneo produces thermal oxidation chambers, supplies and installs refractory materials and sleeve filters.