These equipments transfer thermal energy from the primary to the secondary fluid mainly due to the radiation phenomenon. According to the constructive criteria we can distinguish two types of recuperators either by means of the double jacket type or those of tube basket, both in countercurrent and in parallel currents. According to what is established in these equipments, they are able to save up to 60% in fuel consumption by preheating the combustion air. In addition, these equipments are perfect when primary fluid drags solid particles due to the process or the combustion itself.

Thanks to the development of new metal alloys, today we can design and supply equipment that preheats the secondary fluid to 900ºC and inlet temperatures of up to 1400ºC according to configurations.

This equipment is used in sectors such as frits, glazes and ceramic pigments, silicato sódico, glass, steam generation, olive pomace drying, grape pomace drying, alfalfa and cereal drying.