Depending on the energy available in your installation and the need for steam generation, we can provide different solutions.

  • Oil / Gas: Using standard industrial burners combine the advantages of a compact and economical steam generator with those of a robust and safe pirotubular boiler. Capable of being installed in multiple batteries to provide more steam, we have two series:
    • DG: Individual production from 100 to 560 kg / h (multiple up to 2000kg/h).
    • FLO1060: Individual production from up to 1060 kg/h (multiple up to 4000kg/h).

These steam generators can be widely used as boilers for distilleries, boilers for breweries, boilers for dry cleaners, boilers for hospitality, boilers for the pharmaceutical sector, boilers for the cosmetic sector, boilers for the food sector, etc …

  • Electrically heated: Using modulating resistors controlled and manufactured according to the new DIN EN standard for electric steam generators. They can provide from 20 to 120kW individually and can be installed in multiple ways, for the most demanding installations.
    These steam generators can be used thanks to their exceptional qualities as boilers for the pharmaceutical sector or boilers for the cosmetic sector, where steam with very special characteristics is needed.
  • Waste heat boiler: Using hot flue gases for steam generation with a high thermal power on a small surface and, all this, in a modular design.