INGENEO has a proven experience in the field of the destruction of VOCs and odors, thus granting the capability to design and supply this advanced technology which offers destruction efficiency reaching 99.9%, complying with the strictest environmental regulation.

In order to minimize operating costs, thermal oxidation equipment incorpotaes heat recovery elements, which drastically reduces energy consumption by reducing values ​​of 60% in recovery equipment and 97% in regenerative equipment. Consumption can become even null when VOCs concentrations are around or higher tan 2 g/Nm3, since the system can become autothermal with no associated energy cost.

VOCs thermal oxidation is necessary to carry out such important purposes as:

  • Elimination of VOCs (efficiencies reaches 99.9% in chambers with more than two regenerators).
  • Reduction of maintenance costs in subsequent processes.
  • Decrease of health risks.
  • Compliance with environmental regulations

These equipments are used in the VOC emissions and refrigerator recycling