Ingeneo provides a comprehensive solution to your need for steam, being able to make the total supply of equipment, steam lines and connections to your equipment and even the legalization of your installation.

  • Installation: Ingeneo has a professional team that will advise you on the best possible installation according to your needs, performing it and training your team in it. We can also supply our steam and boiler generation equipment in the format that best suits your installation and needs:
  • Compact steam systems: In the JUMAG compact steam installation, the selected components, such as the steam generator, the water preparation module, the purge / expansion tank, etc. They are placed on a motherboard ready for connection and electrical wiring. It is the best solution where space is a limiting factor.
  • Multiple steam systems: If an amount of steam greater than 560 kg / h is required or redundancy is required, a multiple steam system is recommended. Multiple steam installations are very competitive compared to larger steam boilers or steam generators. It is the best solution where the need for steam is greater, it will increase over time, we need security in the supply or when it is very fluctuating.
  • Container steam systems: JUMAG steam installations can be installed and delivered ready for connection in containers or cells. They can be placed outside buildings or used as mobile units. All JUMAG steam boilers and steam installations are available as container solutions. It is the best solution where the need for steam is punctual, complying with limited spaces and the ability to change its location.
  • Legalization: Our technical team can prepare and present the project to request the legalization of your steam installation. With this service, we provide our customers with the integral solution to their need for steam, from advice, equipment supply, installation of steam, water, gas or condensate lines with their equipment and the legalization project for all set.