Our technical department has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and supply of transport and storage handling facilities for dust and granulated materials. In its most complete version, such as “turnkey”, or partially with the collaboration of the client, always adapting to their needs.

Within the vast number of elements that constitute a raw material dosing facility, we can highlight the following products or services:

This equipment is used in sectors such frits, glazes and ceramic pigments, sodium silicate


Depending on the product and the volumes to be stored, we can design and supply different types of storage elements:

  • By constructive materials: Silos in carbon steel, stainless steel and even plastic materials.
  • By shape: Round or square silos (also called cells).
  • By internal coating: suitable for materials with difficult discharging


Calculation of structures of all types in either stable or anti-seismic terrain.

Pneumatic Transport

With an excellent compatibility for abrasive materials, reduced energy consumption and great versatility, pneumatic transport is presented as one of the most used solutions for both short and long distances.

  • Dense phase pneumatic transport.
  • Semi-dense phase pneumatic transport.
  • Diluted phase pneumatic transport.
  • Aero sliders.

Mechanical Transport

  • Endless conveyors.
  • Paddle lifts.
  • Conveyor belts
  • etc.

Bigbags Loading and Unloading

We can install big-bag unloaders and loaders, ensuring maximum operator ergonomics and, in any case, avoiding material leaks, that may arise during the transfer of powdery products.

Dosing and weighing

Dosing system using hoppers, silos and weighing tapes, in continuous or batch.

Automation and control

We perform all the necessary engineering to integrate all the electromechanical elements required for the control of the plant, including the management software, as well as the control and installation panel.

Dusting systems

We design the entire dust removal system using filters with waste recovery to ensure a clean and healthy working environment.