09 May


We add a new document to our website for the consultation of our friends and customers.

Along with the catalogs that we already included on “FRITS AND GLAZES“, “FLUE-GAS CLEANING” and “STEAM SOLUTIONS” in which you can check the different technologies that we design and build to provide solutions to the industry.

Now, we add our catalog of “HEAT RECUPERATORS“.

Your challenges are our challenges, we do engineering together to achieve a better world through a better process efficiency.

Luis Jimenez

05 Apr


INGENEO becomes a Protective Member of the Spanish Engineering Institute: INSTITUTO DE LA INGENIERÍA DE ESPAÑA (www.iies.es).

Both the IIE and INGENEO understand that engineering is an engine of change and improvement of our society and, as such, it must be protected and promoted. We believe that this work has to be developed both in our country and internationally, where INGENEO gives testimony of the professionalism and the good work of Spanish engineering.

In this way, INGENEO contributes its grain of sand and joins the rest of the protective members to support and contribute to the sustainability of the IIE.

21 Jan


Today, uploading the second step of our website, … In order to meet the demands of international customers, we are including an English version, where all our partners; Customers and suppliers will be able to see what we offer and a broad vision of us.

Check it out, we will be happy to hear your comments about it.
Thank you all for the support and strength you have given us since we created this exciting project.

PD: Next step, French version

Luis Jimenez

01 Dec

Ingeneo in BrauBeviale 2019

Last November we had the pleasure of being with our partners, the JUMAG team, at the BrauBeviale 2019 fair in Nuremberg.

We were able to check first-hand the technologies applicable in the beverage sector and, especially, in relation to the steam required in the different processes.

Thank you all for the warm welcome you have given to INGENEO.